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During our Career Education Day when our high school kids come here, we let them see and touch this vehicle, if they want. Usually then they understand what can possibly happen to them. We have an opportunity here, if we take the time to show and explain the potential results from drinking and driving. Accidents can and do kill. We have a responsibility, as adults, to make sure our young people see and know what could possibly lie ahead and what the consequences are so they can make better educated decisions in life, especially on the road.

The crash with this Mustang resulted in one person dead, one person in jail for vehicular manslaughter and the last person, walking away, with only slight bruises. That person was in the back seat and had their seat belt on.

Remember, we're not invincible in life, drinking or doing drugs are dangerous while driving. Any of these, including texting or using the cell phone while driving can only make things worse. Our bodies are frail and destructible with very little force. Don't be the victim or the cause of a dangerous, irreversible, senseless accident.

In a head on accident with one party going 35mph and the other party doing 65mph, is like hitting a brick wall at 100mph. What's the survival rate here? That speed now gets very scary doesn't it?



"Buckle Up. It's the Law!"


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Photos Courtesy Littleton Police Department

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