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Just take a little time and look at what it takes to sand, prime mask up and prepare a vehicle for paint. Think about all the areas where you don't want to see paint on when the vehicle is finished. Try to imagine what you want the finish to look like. Got that idea? Now take a look at the pictures and see if they match your thoughts.

And just how much time does it take to sand that vehicle for paint to be applied? Well catch a glimpse of this here. Here are some examples of where our technicians

are right now on these repairs.

Our technicians are highly motivated and work tirelessly with the only goal to complete your repair as quickly as possible and above all, properly.



When all this is done then and only then is it time to apply the paint. That is after you mix it. Then of course there is the chance that you could get a run in the finish, or possibly something else. This is a science and the technician is an artist. He or she is completely in charge of the final product's look, feel and texture.



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