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Family owned and operated for over 63 years
We also offer Paintless Dent Repairs




At Bradford Auto Body "Your Satisfaction is Our Goal!"


We genuinely care about our customers. Generations upon generations of family members have been coming to us for their collision repair needs for over sixty years.

Each and every day we have people come in saying, my dad or mom, grandpa or grandma said to come here. And you know what? If grandpa says it, it's got to be right. Or my neighbors or insurance agent said you guys have always treated them right. And of course above all, they said you did a quality professional repair to their vehicle, and cared about their questions or concerns.


At Bradford Auto Body our family welcomes your family. We want to be there for you today, tomorrow and into the future, for many, many, years to come. It may sound repetitive but we value your business. Your Satisfaction truly is our goal.

We care about kids, and believe they are our legacy. We want to try to pass along any educational development opportunities we can find. If we don't take care of our next generation where will we be? Every year we sponsor Career Education Day. A glimpse for kids into the real world, where are they going in life and what's possible for all of them. Not just with us but with other businesses in the Littleton community. Not everybody is going to college so what are the alternatives? Kids are our future and we want to help in any way we can, to let them see what lies ahead in life.

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We proudly welcome you to our home.