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Bradford Auto Body's frame department has state of the art laser measuring equipment to ensure your vehicle is corrected to meet or exceed factory specifications. Many vehicles are built to the specification of within 6mm tolerance. Later model vehicles are produced to a tolerance of 3mm. We can correct your vehicle to meet or exceed all of these.

Just looking at a vehicle is not enough. The lasers will tell all, down to 1mm, the thickness of a dime. Amazing isn't it?

Upon initial inspection we often find, because newer vehicles are built so aesthetically pleasing, it is often times difficult for an appraiser or estimator to see all of the damage. It makes the task of being 100% sure you've caught all the damage upon initial inspection all but impossible. Under the front or rear bumper cover or inside areas concealed by plastic panels there almost always is "hidden damage." As much as anyone would care to find all of that "hidden damage" it is an almost impossible task.

Leave us be honest here. Would you want the "hidden damage" to go uncorrected? I think not.

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